The Adventures and Tribulations of a Busy Chef
May 1, 2014

This is the story of a passionate, yet ridiculously busy, Chef in the far away land known as Middle Tennessee. The Chef, in her humble opinion, had the best job of all – providing delectable catering services and desserts to loyal customers throughout the land. Day in and day out the Chef would craft the most delicious masterpieces known to man. From an elegant wedding catering array to marvelous birthday cupcakes, the Chef could create anything!

Word began to spread across the land of the Chef’s jaw-dropping catering options and talents. Soon, the Chef was receiving orders and quote requests for custom baked goods, creative cakes and catering spreads galore. The Chef was ecstatic! “My business is taking off! This is great,” thought the Chef. As the business grew and grew, so did the customer base. The Chef was receiving multiple orders and quote requests each day for orders of all kinds.

The Next Phase

Business was booming and the Chef couldn’t be happier! She hired some trusty staff members to help complete all of the incoming orders in a timely manner. Naturally, the Chef saw that the business needed to go online in order to keep the orders coming and provide future customers with information and quotes about the available catering services.

With the new website launched, business grew once again! The Chef was completing orders nonstop. The phone was constantly ringing off the hook with customers calling in to place their order for an exclusive custom-designed cake or receive a comprehensive catering quote. However, due to the mass amount of interest, the phone calls began to interrupt the Chef’s concentration and craft. Easily enough, the Chef decided to put an online order form on the website as the perfect solution.

Growth Through Social Media

As the business grew and the times changed, the Chef decided to join Facebook and other social media channels in order to show off the catering master pieces and desserts to the masses. The fans and customers marveled over the many delicious cakes, cupcakes and catering trays displayed online. However, customers began to place their orders and ask for quotes via social media. Overtime, these requests grew and grew in quantity. Although the Chef was thrilled to know that customers wanted her services and products, it became increasingly difficult to fulfill these orders and constantly monitor the social media channels.

So, the Chef would like to urge the loyal customers, far and wide, to request their quotes for specialty cakes, cupcakes and catering orders through the online order form provided on this website! At Jo’s Cakes and Catering, we want to provide our customers with the best possible service. The fact of the matter is that we may not respond to our Facebook messages in a timely manner. On the contrary, if you use our online order form, we guarantee that you’ll hear from us as soon as possible about your order. Although, if you really love Facebook and can’t seem to pull yourself away from the exciting social media platform, we do have a nifty Facebook tab for you to use and request your quote! Instead of messaging us via Facebook, simply use that tab and we’ll contact you about your quote as soon as we can.

We thank all of our customers for their continued support and we look forward to providing you all with delicious and artistic desserts, catering services and more for years to come.

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