3 Summer Catering Ideas that Will Excite Your Guests
June 11, 2014

Whether you are hosting an outdoor graduation party, a gorgeous summer wedding, or a family reunion, your catering choices can make or break the event. When looking to create a spectacular menu for your event, use the summer season for inspiration! From drink options to mouth-watering desserts, your guests will be begging for more with these catering ideas.

Cool Summertime Drinks

With summer comes the scorching heat. Your guests will love being outside, but will ultimately become quite thirsty. Spice up your event and satisfy your guests by offering a quaint lemonade and iced tea bar, complete with the ability to customize each drink. Provide garnishes, additional fruit, and fun cups for your guests to enjoy.

Refreshing Appetizers

During the summertime, we all enjoy the plentiful sunshine and abundance of warmth. However, guests at outdoor events will not want to consume rich and filling appetizers that may not settle so well with the heat. Offer cool and crisp appetizer options such as:

  • Fruit arrays
  • Vegetable trays with light dressing options
  • Miniature salads
  • Raw bar for the seafood fans
  • Sushi (always a hit!)
  • Spinach dip with bread of choice

These refreshing appetizer options will keep your guests satisfied, full, and ready to enjoy the party.

Decadent Desserts

Typically at a wedding or other celebratory event, cake or cupcakes are served. But with the heat, humidity and potential for weather mishaps, these scrumptious desserts can possibly melt and look unpleasant to guests. In addition, no one really opts to consume a heavy and rich (but ultimately delicious) cake during the humid summer days. Instead, offer your guests some traditional summer treats such as:

  • Ice Pops (Make your own flavors for added fun!)
  • Italian Ice
  • Ice Cream
  • Sorbet

Add to the fun by allowing your guests to serve themselves and create their own personal dessert with added toppings from whipped cream to fruit. If you’d like to build upon the excitement, you can also offer an extensive candy bar to satisfy the sweet tooth of each customer.

Remember that when you hire a professional catering service to cater your party, wedding or event, you’ll receive the exact menu you desire and elite service. Jo’s Cakes and Catering can help you with all of your catering needs. Be sure to inquire about our catering menus, options and service today – our schedule is filling up fast!

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