5 Tips For Ordering a Cake for a Corporate Event
July 22, 2014

If you are in charge of organizing an event for your business or organization, perhaps you have looked into ordering a cake. A cake can be the perfect touch to any client meeting, gala, or end-of-the-year corporate event. However, ordering a cake for your specific event can be very stressful. Use the five tips below from Jo’s Cakes and Catering to ensure that your cake turns out just right for your guests and event. 

Know the number of people attending your corporate event

One of the first questions every baker will ask is the number of guests attending your event. This is a crucial bit of information, as the number of guests will directly influence the size of the cake and the amount of ingredients the baker will have to purchase and use for your event. In addition, knowing the exact number of guests will allow you to judge how big or small of a cake you will need.

Understand the purpose of your event

What are you looking to accomplish with your event? Some corporate events are aimed towards collecting donations for a charity or celebrating the successes of the past fiscal year. Depending on the culture of your office and the theme or purpose of your event, the design of your cake can have a lasting impact. 

For instance, if your company is fun-loving and is having a celebration on behalf of the employees, a unique design for your cake may be better suited to the event. On the other hand, if your company is very serious and is hosting a corporate event, an elegant design may work better for your occasion.

Order your cake well in advance of your event

Due to the busy schedule of bakers, it is best to order your cake far in advance. Not only will you have a better chance of receiving the cake you desire, but you will also allow the baker enough time to properly secure the right ingredients, designs and more. Most bakers will not be able to accommodate last minute custom-designed cakes for large events, so it is in your best interest to order ahead of time.

Make a statement with your cake

Your cake can blend with the decorations of the event and fit into the background until it’s time for dessert, or your cake design can make a statement. Perhaps you are trying to impress a potential client during a meeting. Serving a small, elegant cake may be just what your presentation means. Your cake can say “We mean business”, “Thank you for your hard work”, “It’s been a great year”, and so much more all from a design.

Know the food preferences and allergies of your guests

This is the most important tip of all. Prior to ordering your custom-made cakes, know the food preferences and potential allergies of your guests. If you are in charge of ordering the cake, and find out the day of the event that the CEO is lactose-intolerant, you may be in for quite a surprise. It is best to learn about allergies, intolerances and preferences before you order.

Use these five tips the next time you have to order a cake for your corporate event. Jo’s Cakes and Catering can help make your business or organization occasion a rave success with our custom designs and out-of-this-world taste. Call us today at 615-459-9305 to place your cake order.

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