5 Wedding Cake Tips You Need to Know
September 1, 2014

Planning a wedding can be a glorious time or a stressful time, depending on a variety of factors. Unfortunately for many, planning and ordering the wedding cake can cause some strife. But why is this? 

The hassle of a wedding cake comes from poor planning and a rush on time. Use these tips to help choose your wedding cake and eliminate the stress!

Consider the Weather

Many couples are opting for an outdoor reception during the warmer parts of the year. Not only for the warm weather feel but also for the beautiful appearance. 

However, during this time, some type of cake will easily melt under the sun or lights in the tent. If you plan to have an outdoor reception, avoid buttercream, whipped cream and meringue. Instead, opt for fondant or other options your baker provides.

Enjoy the Taste

Remember, this is your wedding! Therefore, you should have your cake and enjoy it too. Pick a flavor that you enjoy. Don’t worry about pleasing each and every guest with your flavor choice! They came to have a great time, not to bicker about the cake flavor.

Whatever your personal taste may be, go with that flavor and enjoy your big day!

Try to Find Ways to Save

As beautiful and delicious as wedding cakes are, they are not the main focus of your day. Try finding ways to save on your wedding cake while still having it taste and look amazing.

You can opt to have a smaller decorated cake for the ceremonial cutting of the cake, and then have a non-decorated sheet cake in the kitchen for serving to your guests. This option saves money but doesn’t skimp on the best part – the taste. Individual cupcakes are also another popular option in lieu of a full size, tiered cake.

Quick tip: a 3-tiered cake will typically feed 50-100 people, so keep that in mind when ordering your cake.

Stay Within Your Budget

Is a wedding cake worth going over budget for? Probably not. As much as we love baking magnificent cakes, there are ways to stay in budget and still receive the results you were looking for.

Talk to your baker about your wants, needs and desires and also your budget. As a professional, they’ll know exactly how to make your wedding cake dreams come true.

Order Well In Advance

Although some bakers boast that they only need a few weeks notice for a wedding cake order, it is in your best interest to order between 3 and 6 months in advance. You never know if your intended baker suddenly becomes swamped with orders and can no longer take on your wedding. Plus, your price may be lower in the long run depending on the season and the style options you choose.

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