The Tradition of the Groom’s Cake
October 7, 2014

While weddings tend to be a bit focused on the bride, the groom shouldn’t be left out! Dating back to the Victorian era, the Groom’s cake was a way for the bride to honor her new husband on their wedding day. Although the cakes were fruitcakes way back when, Groom’s cakes now are all shapes, flavors, and styles!

A Southern Tradition

Although the Groom’s cake actually started in the Victorian era, it became a deeply rooted Southern tradition upon arrival in the United States. When the tradition made it’s way over to our nation, it was a wide spread activity all over. However, over time Brides and Grooms began to stop taking part in the tradition – except in the South.

Today, Groom’s cakes are a widespread tradition with tons of crazy designs, delicious flavors and personal inspiration.

At Jo’s Cakes and Catering, we make cakes for Grooms all throughout the year. Each cake portrays the personality, interests or style of the individual. Take a look at some of our recent Groom’s cake designs below and in our Groom’s Cake Gallery!

Need a Groom’s Cake for your upcoming wedding? Contact Jo’s Cakes and Catering today! We’ll create the perfect cake for your groom and groomsmen. Call us today at 615-459-9305 or use our contact form to provide us with more details about your specific cake idea.

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