The Fascinating History of Wedding Cake Toppers
October 24, 2014

If you have a wedding coming up soon, you may be deciding which wedding topper to choose from – or whether you want a cake topper in the first place. Have you ever wondered where this tradition came from? There are many speculations about the wedding cake topper, but nonetheless this tradition continues at weddings and marital celebrations to date.

It all started over 100 years ago

One legend states that a baker created the cake topper tradition over 100 years ago. The baker’s daughter was getting married, and she wanted something on the cake to symbolize the love between her and her spouse. As the baker rattled his brains, he used a figurine of the groom and the bride and placed it atop of the cake. Upon showing the cake and topper to his daughter on the big day, she was overcome with joy! From there, the tradition spread like wildfire.

Representing “togetherness”

Other sources state that the wedding cake topper tradition did not appear and become popular until the 1950s. The figurine of the married couple was stated to represent the togetherness of the marriage. The traditional wedding topper was of the bride and groom in their formal wedding attire either standing side by side or hand in hand.

Wedding Cake Toppers Today

Today, there are so many wedding cake topper options! From representing your mutual or independent interests to reflecting the style and décor of your big day, you have so many options to choose from for your wedding cake toppers. In fact, many couples are now choosing creative cake toppers that depict the couples in a funny position, engaging in a favorite sport, or even as entirely different animals! The choice is completely yours.

Customized Wedding Cake Toppers

Are you having trouble finding the absolute perfect wedding cake topper for your wedding day? Jo’s Cakes and Catering can make you one! Call us today to inquire about our magnificent (and tasty!) wedding cakes and customized toppers today.

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