Have Your Company Holiday Party Catered!
December 8, 2014

If your company is hosting a holiday party, you may be deciding between reserving a restaurant and having the party catered at your office. When you choose a restaurant, you subject yourself to a large tab at the end of the night, disorganized employees, and the potential for chaos and accidents to ensue. Your best option is to have your holiday party catered by a professional catering company! Catering companies offer a variety of benefits that a restaurant simply cannot.

Customized Menu Options

When you reserve a room in a restaurant, you’re stuck with their menu. Plus, this gives your employees the opportunity to purchase whatever they want on the menu. You’ve given them free reign to order the finest steaks and the most expensive champagnes!

Catering allows you to customize a menu according to the theme of your party, the dietary needs of your staff, and whatever else you’d like to have on the menu. Perhaps the holiday party is a funny theme. You can make sure that your menu matches your theme and creates a one-of-a-kind experience for all in attendance to enjoy!

Ease of Ordering, Delivery and Service

Imagine this. You’re at a restaurant with all of your employees. You’ve reserved a room and now everyone is ordering their individual meals. Orders that large and complicated always result in some form of human error.  From Bob in Accounting not getting the dish he ordered, to Suzanne in HR having an allergic reaction to a vaguely described dish, it’s just not worth it!

Catering allows you to sit back and relax with a simple and smooth ordering, delivery and service process. At Jo’s Cakes and Catering, we make sure that all of your needs are met, that your delivery is on time, and that you have everything you need to make sure your event and food are top notch!

No Need to Rent a Banquet Hall or Restaurant Room

Instead of spending additional money on a banquet hall or other type of venue, all you need to do is prepare your conference room and office for an awesome party! Catering services will deliver their finely crafted and delicious menu to your location. Talk about easy and awesome!

Price Determined Ahead of Time

When you choose to host your holiday party at a restaurant, you never know what the end total will be. It’s all a big guessing game. Instead of taking on the anxiety of waiting for the check, you can have a predetermined catering quote from Jo’s Cakes and Catering. Have a specific budget? You can create a catering menu within your budget.

So, where will you host your holiday party this year — at a chaotic restaurant or in the comfort of your office with tasty catering? Call Jo’s Cakes and Catering today to learn more about our catering options for your holiday party this year.

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