Don’t Stress In The New Year – Use a Catering Service
January 5, 2015

2015 is here! Are you hosting a party to celebrate the new year with family and friends? If so, you better be prepared. You’ll have a lot of responsibilities, including figuring out the menu for the night. To ease the stress and anxiety of hosting a party, use these tips from Jo’s Cakes and Catering.

Make Your Guest List Early

There’s nothing worse than planning for only a few guests, and ending up with several! It’s in your best interest to plan out your guest list well in advance. Not only will this give you time to talk over plans with your guests, but it will also allow you to add anyone and prepare in advance of the party.

Trust a Catering Service

Determining how much food to make is a challenging process! Some guests will only eat a little bit, some guests will eat a lot, so it’s difficult to decide exactly how much food to make or purchase. Luckily, a professional catering service has plenty of experience in this field and will know exactly how much food to provide for your party. Instead of trying to figure out your menu and amounts on your own, trust Jo’s Cakes and Catering to help you out.

Don’t Forget About Dessert

What’s a party without a cake or some other type of dessert? You can order a custom made cake to represent the theme of your party or to display whatever you would like. That’s the beauty of a custom cake — it can look however you want!

Ready For Your Party?

Jo’s Cakes and Catering is ready to take your order. Contact Chef Jo today to place your catering or custom cake order today. Bring in 2015 in style with help from Jo’s Cakes and Catering.

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