Check Out These Facts About Fondant!
January 19, 2015

Have you ever wondered how Chef Jo makes those jaw-dropping cake designs? In addition to her natural talent, she utilizes the help of fondant — a tasty sugar and water combination commonly used to create delicious works of art. While you may have heard of fondant, we bet you didn’t know these facts.

There Are Four Common Types of Fondant

Did you know that there are four types of fondant? Each type of this edible icing is used for a specific purpose:

  • Rolled Fondant is draped over cakes and also used to create specific shapes and/or designs. This is the most widely used form of fondant.
  • Poured Fondant is creamy and commonly used as a filling. For example, the center of a Cadbury egg is fondant!
  • Sculpting Fondant does exactly what the name says. This type of fondant is far sturdier and provides bakers with a superb sculpting material.
  • Sugar Paste, also referred to as gum paste, is a similar material to fondant, but completely dries out. This is used for large decorations on wedding cakes and other significant cake decorations.

Fondant Is Vegan

For those who follow a strict vegan diet, adding fondant decorations to your vegan cake will not contradict your values/diet. Since most types of fondant are made out of sugar and water, there are no animal products found in fondant.

Should you choose to buy a premade fondant product for your personal baking use, be sure to check the ingredients to guarantee that the product meets your personal diet requirements.

Fondant Is Great To Work With

When’s the last time you decorated a cake? For most of the world, the closest we get to decorating a cake is writing “Happy Birthday”, followed by a name and their age. But, how great did that writing look? If you were using frosting or a type of gel icing, chances are it did not look pretty.

Fondant provides a beautiful look for all to enjoy (and eat)!

Ready to see how fondant can transform your cake from dull to delightful? Call Jo’s Cakes and Catering today to place your custom cake order.

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