Did You Know These 4 Facts About King Cake?
February 16, 2015

Those of you familiar with Mardi Gras/Carnival traditions will recognize the King Cake. This cake has transformed from a French bread with sugar on top and a bean inside, to a lavish and sweet Danish type dough, braided with cinnamon and a plastic doll hidden inside.

Check out these 4 awesome facts about King Cake!

It Was Brought Over From France

This is a pretty well known fact, but the King Cake was brought to New Orleans, from France, in 1870. However, the tradition of Mardi Gras/Carnival was brought to the area by Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville. His expedition happened to fall on the day of Mardi Gras, and he celebrated accordingly!

Do You Know What the Colors Represent?

You’ve probably had King Cake at least once in your lifetime. But, do you actually know what the colors on the cake represent? The purple, green and gold colors are considered to be royal colors and each symbolize something unique:

  • Purple – Justice
  • Green  – Faith
  • Gold — Power

The Baby Wasn’t Always the Prize

As a current tradition, a tiny figurine baby is hidden within the cake. The individual who finds the trinket is named “King” or “Queen” for a day, and is required to bring the King Cake the following year. However, this was not always the tradition!

Originally, other items such as beans, pecans, coins, or peas were hidden within the cake.

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