Don’t Choose a Wedding Caterer Without Asking 5 Crucial Questions
March 16, 2015

Congratulations — You’re getting married!

Once you’ve finalized the date of the big day and found your dream venue, it is time to start looking for a caterer who can meet all of your wedding day needs. Don’t settle for just any caterer. It’s your big day and you deserve only the best. Remember to ask these questions when interviewing potential catering companies for your wedding.

Are They Available On Your Wedding Day?

There is nothing worse than booking a caterer only to find out that they are double booked. Not only is this caterer incredibly unprofessional, but now you have to start over. Always make sure your first question to a potential caterer is their availability for your wedding day.

Can They Provide Referrals or Testimonials?

Unless you’ve had the opportunity to taste a particular caterer’s menu, you’ll have a hard time determining if they are right for your wedding day otherwise. However, you can change this by asking for referrals from previous clients or venues, or testimonials. These past clients and professional connections will give you a first hand look into the level of quality the caterer provides.

Can You Schedule a Tasting Appointment?

The most important aspect of vetting potential caterers is, of course, the food. Ask your potential caterers to schedule a taste-testing appointment. If they refuse, then move on to a caterer who is actually interested in making sure your big day is perfect.

Make sure you inform your caterer of any allergies you may have or foods you do not prefer. This will enable them to craft a catering menu specifically for you and your event.

Can They Accommodate Your Budget?

When planning a wedding, the most important aspect of the process is the budget. You have strategically calculated this budget out to accommodate your wedding day desires. If a caterer refuses to meet your budget requirements, they probably won’t be too much fun to work with. Instead, find a catering company with flexible menu options and prices that fit your budget.

Can They Provide the Menu You Want?

Remember, it is your big day. Therefore, you should have the ability to eat the food you desire. If a caterer does not cook a specific type of food, or prepares food according to your medical needs or lifestyle choices, move on!

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