Catering Catastrophes to Avoid At All Costs
April 13, 2015

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate gathering, a convention, or a simple family reunion, proper catering is a large component of any event. All of your guests are looking forward to an event filled with laughter, fun, and most importantly, food. What happens if your catering order is messed up, or the catering doesn’t show up? A catastrophe!

Instead of having a ruined event, avoid these catering catastrophes at all costs.

Scheduling the Incorrect Date for Your Event

When speaking with your chosen caterer, have your event date 100% confirmed. Do not be wishy-washy with your event date. Many event and wedding caterers are booked months in advance, so if you are not completely confident about the event date, you’ll have a difficult time finding a caterer available for all of your potential dates.

Telling Your Caterer the Incorrect Number of Guests

The number of guests is the second most important detail your caterer needs to know. If you’re off by even a few guests, there could be a fiasco. Your caterer will make extra food to accommodate random guests, but if your final guest tally is so far off… you’ll have a bit of a predicament on your hands.

On the other hand if you accidentally add a zero at the end of your guest count, you’ll be paying for far more than you need. While this may be considered good for the caterer, it’s a terrible situation for you!

Not Taking Allergies Into Consideration

While you don’t have to arrange your entire menu to accommodate a single guest, it is common courtesy to let them know that their personal allergen may be in the menu. If you fail to inform this individual you may have a medical situation on your hands.

On the other end of the spectrum, if the majority of your guests have a food allergy or specification, inform your caterer right away. Many catering companies are more than willing to create a menu to accommodate these individuals.

Choose Jo’s Cakes and Catering and Avoid Any Catering Catastrophe!

With years of experience in the field, Chef Jo has the expertise and knowledge necessary to make sure that your event is a success. Contact us today to reserve your event date and start creating your catering menu.

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