A Bowl of Chili, Tony Stewart, and One Amazing Custom 3D Cake Experience
June 7, 2015

It’s no secret that Chef Jo is a big NASCAR and Tony Stewart fan. When she was asked to make Mr. Stewart’s birthday cake, you bet she immediately started brainstorming about how to make the best possible custom 3D cake.

Chef Jo had quite the challenge ahead of her — making a cake look like a bowl of chili with a bottle of Budweiser being poured into a frothy mug. But, we all know how determined and talented Chef Jo is!

How Did Chef Jo Make a Bowl of Chili and Budweiser Beer Cake?

This is certainly no ordinary cake. As you can see, it’s a 3D cake with multiple features. But what you can’t see is inside!

The table part of the cake is a four-layer sheet cake with four different flavors — snickerdoodle, white chocolate, bacon and maple, and a brand new flavor called soda cookies.

The bowl of chili, complete with chunks of hamburger meat and tomatoes, is built from scrumptious Rice Krispie treats while the cheese is actually white chocolate shavings with an orange color. Around the placemat on the cake, you’ll find many of Tony Stewart’s sponsors!

Meanwhile, Chef Jo’s team had to construct a special wooden base for this one of a kind cake. After all, it had to travel and make it to Tony Stewart’s offices intact!

The question on everyone’s mind is, “How did Chef Jo make a beer bottle pour into a glass?” First, she found a plastic beer mug and made a hole in the bottom and placed the threaded rod through it. The beer mug was then packed full of Rice Krispie treats and decorated to look like beer! To make it appear as though the beer bottle above was pouring into the mug, Chef Jo actually had to use a torch to bend the rod (seen below). The flowing beer is actually delicious white chocolate with a golden yellow color.

The beer bottle was made out of Styrofoam and hand painted to look like the new Statue of Liberty bottle from Budweiser. This part of the cake actually was not attached and put together until Chef Jo and her team made it to Tony Stewart’s office.

Quite the process, right?

One Long and Worthwhile Experience

In order to get the cake intact to Tony Stewart’s office on time, Chef Jo and team left at 7:00 AM and drove to Stewart-Haas Racing. They didn’t get back to the Middle Tennessee area until midnight that same day! While Chef Jo drove around 800 miles that day, she wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

Chef Jo stated, “The cake turned out really good. His whole team was amazed! It was hard work and a long day, but an incredibly worthwhile experience.”

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