Check Out These Facts About Fondant!

Have you ever wondered how Chef Jo makes those jaw-dropping cake designs? In addition to her natural talent, she utilizes the help of fondant — a tasty sugar and water combination commonly used to create delicious works of art. While you may have heard of...

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Don’t Stress In The New Year – Use a Catering Service

2015 is here! Are you hosting a party to celebrate the new year with family and friends? If so, you better be prepared. You’ll have a lot of responsibilities, including figuring out the menu for the night. To ease the stress and anxiety of hosting a party, use these...

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Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake

The tradition of the wedding cake has been around for hundreds of years. Although it is still a highly popular tradition and trend in the wedding industry, many brides and grooms are actually opting for other dessert options. If you’re looking to spice up your wedding...

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Have Your Company Holiday Party Catered!

If your company is hosting a holiday party, you may be deciding between reserving a restaurant and having the party catered at your office. When you choose a restaurant, you subject yourself to a large tab at the end of the night, disorganized employees, and the...

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It’s MY food – I paid for it!

Why caterers don’t leave leftovers. So you’ve planned a party/wedding reception/ business dinner. The food is great, service is excellent, and then the party is over.  Now the battle begins over the leftover food. You paid for it – you want it. Let’s look at why...

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Cheesecake Flavors for the Holidays!

Do you need a great dessert to bring to your holiday parties? Why not bring a fall-flavored cheesecake? Of course, you know what Middle Tennessee custom bakery to choose from this holiday season! Jo’s Cakes and Catering offers a wide selection of cheesecake flavors to...

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The Fascinating History of Wedding Cake Toppers

If you have a wedding coming up soon, you may be deciding which wedding topper to choose from – or whether you want a cake topper in the first place. Have you ever wondered where this tradition came from? There are many speculations about the wedding cake topper, but...

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The Tradition of the Groom’s Cake

While weddings tend to be a bit focused on the bride, the groom shouldn’t be left out! Dating back to the Victorian era, the Groom's cake was a way for the bride to honor her new husband on their wedding day. Although the cakes were fruitcakes way back when, Groom’s...

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Classic Halloween Desserts and Treats!

Halloween will be here sooner than we know it! With a month left to go, it’s time to start planning for your Halloween desserts and treats. Here at Jo’s Cakes and Catering, we’re already starting to get orders for spooky custom-designed cakes and desserts. Are you...

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Fall Flavors You Need to Use This Autumn

Ah autumn. The leaves will change color, the air will become crisp, children are ready to pick out their Halloween costume, and there’s plenty of opportunity for baking and cooking. During the fall, there are very distinct flavors to incorporate in your meals. Be sure...

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