7 Dessert Flavors You Have To Use This Summer!

Ah, summer time. A time when friends, family members, neighbors and even acquaintances come together to enjoy the magnificent weather and each other’s company. Picnics, barbecues, and other summer gatherings always include food. A summer gathering wouldn’t be the same without endless amounts of appetizers, entrees, and desserts.   However, certain desserts just aren’t appetizing when the summer sun is beaming down on you. That 7-layer pie just isn’t the same when you feel like you’re melting. You need something light, fresh and tasty!   Instead of smothering everything in fudge, peanut butter, and other filling flavors, try one of … Read more

Check Out These Facts About Fondant!

Check Out These Facts About Fondant!   Have you ever wondered how Chef Jo makes those jaw-dropping cake designs? In addition to her natural talent, she utilizes the help of fondant — a tasty sugar and water combination commonly used to create delicious works of art. While you may have heard of fondant, we bet you didn’t know these facts. There Are Four Common Types of Fondant Did you know that there are four types of fondant? Each type of this edible icing is used for a specific purpose: Rolled Fondant is draped over cakes and also used to create specific … Read more

Don’t Stress In The New Year – Use a Catering Service

Don’t Stress In The New Year – Use a Catering Service   2015 is here! Are you hosting a party to celebrate the new year with family and friends? If so, you better be prepared. You’ll have a lot of responsibilities, including figuring out the menu for the night. To ease the stress and anxiety of hosting a party, use these tips from Jo’s Cakes and Catering. Make Your Guest List Early There’s nothing worse than planning for only a few guests, and ending up with several! It’s in your best interest to plan out your guest list well in … Read more

Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake

Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake The tradition of the wedding cake has been around for hundreds of years. Although it is still a highly popular tradition and trend in the wedding industry, many brides and grooms are actually opting for other dessert options. If you’re looking to spice up your wedding and add a personal touch to the reception, choose one of these wedding cake alternatives! A Cupcake Tree What better way to surprise your guests and make sure that your dessert options are a blast than with scrumptious and rich cupcakes? Cupcakes can be just as customized as … Read more