Wow Your Guests With These Creative Ways to Display Your Cupcakes

Wow Your Guests With These Creative Ways to Display Your Cupcakes   To say that cupcakes are in right now is an understatement. Cupcakes are so popular that there are reality TV shows centered around cupcakes, specialty cupcake shops continue to pop up everywhere, and wedding cupcakes are becoming a new tradition. So, it’s no wonder that cupcakes are being chosen over cake for special events. Whether you choose to serve cupcakes as the main dessert at your wedding, baby shower, or birthday party, there are countless creative ways to display them. The perfect cupcake display is out there waiting for you! Carousel … Read more

Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake

Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake The tradition of the wedding cake has been around for hundreds of years. Although it is still a highly popular tradition and trend in the wedding industry, many brides and grooms are actually opting for other dessert options. If you’re looking to spice up your wedding and add a personal touch to the reception, choose one of these wedding cake alternatives! A Cupcake Tree What better way to surprise your guests and make sure that your dessert options are a blast than with scrumptious and rich cupcakes? Cupcakes can be just as customized as … Read more

Classic Halloween Desserts and Treats!

Classic Halloween Desserts and Treats! Halloween will be here sooner than we know it! With a month left to go, it’s time to start planning for your Halloween desserts and treats. Here at Jo’s Cakes and Catering, we’re already starting to get orders for spooky custom-designed cakes and desserts. Are you already thinking about desserts for your Halloween and autumn parties? Try these classic desserts! Pie What screams Halloween more than pumpkin pie!? Pie is more than a delicious Halloween and autumn season dessert. Pie provides a traditional and nostalgic feeling to any event you may be attending. From a … Read more

Surprise Your Child With the Best Birthday Party Ever

Surprise Your Child With the Best Birthday Party Ever Another year means another birthday party for your child(ren). A birthday party is a magical experience for children during their younger years. The occasion is one they look forward to for what seems like forever! They imagine just how delicious their birthday cake will be and how much fun they will have with all of their friends and family.  If you’re looking to ensure that your child has the best birthday party ever, try using these tips from Jo’s Cakes and Catering. Completely Transform Your Home or Event Space Whether you … Read more

4 Birthday Dessert Ideas Instead of Cake

4 Birthday Dessert Ideas Instead of Cake Have you ever been to a birthday party and thought ‘Ugh, cake’? Yeah, we haven’t either. But we bet someone has. With the plethora of dessert options at our disposal, why do we always revert back to cake? Perhaps it’s tradition and perhaps it’s preference. If you want to switch it up at your next birthday party, try these unique dessert options. Cupcakes The little sibling of cakes, cupcakes are a creative and individual dessert for all to enjoy. When you choose to serve cupcakes at your party, your guests will have an … Read more

The Adventures and Tribulations of a Busy Chef

The Adventures and Tribulations of a Busy Chef This is the story of a passionate, yet ridiculously busy, Chef in the far away land known as Middle Tennessee. The Chef, in her humble opinion, had the best job of all – providing delectable catering services and desserts to loyal customers throughout the land. Day in and day out the Chef would craft the most delicious masterpieces known to man. From an elegant wedding catering array to marvelous birthday cupcakes, the Chef could create anything! Word began to spread across the land of the Chef’s jaw-dropping catering options and talents. Soon, … Read more

Wedding Trends: Cupcakes

Wedding Trends: Cupcakes Your wedding reception is a magical event. From the delectable cuisine to dancing the night away, your guests will enjoy your reception and talk about it for years to come. If you want to make your big event really stand out, be sure to have a dessert to remember. Everyone looks forward to the dessert portion of a reception. Your guests will be expecting a traditional tiered cake, but instead surprise them by serving the latest trend in weddings – cupcakes. From convenience to customization, cupcakes can provide your big day with a variety of benefits. Convenience … Read more