Don’t Choose a Wedding Caterer Without Asking 5 Crucial Questions

Don’t Choose a Wedding Caterer Without Asking 5 Crucial Questions   Congratulations — You’re getting married! Once you’ve finalized the date of the big day and found your dream venue, it is time to start looking for a caterer who can meet all of your wedding day needs. Don’t settle for just any caterer. It’s your big day and you deserve only the best. Remember to ask these questions when interviewing potential catering companies for your wedding. Are They Available On Your Wedding Day? There is nothing worse than booking a caterer only to find out that they are double … Read more

Have Your Company Holiday Party Catered!

Have Your Company Holiday Party Catered! If your company is hosting a holiday party, you may be deciding between reserving a restaurant and having the party catered at your office. When you choose a restaurant, you subject yourself to a large tab at the end of the night, disorganized employees, and the potential for chaos and accidents to ensue. Your best option is to have your holiday party catered by a professional catering company! Catering companies offer a variety of benefits that a restaurant simply cannot. Customized Menu Options When you reserve a room in a restaurant, you’re stuck with … Read more

8 Do’s and Don’ts for First Time Event Planners

8 Do’s and Don’ts for First Time Event Planners Is this your first time planning an event? Don’t worry – it’s not that bad, if you follow our advice. First time event planners can become stressed out and overwhelmed quickly with all the intricate details associated with organizing a successful corporate, personal or family event. Be sure to check out the following event planning do’s and don’ts for a great event. DO’S Do make sure that all individuals involved are aware of the plans, instructions, decorations and more. If you have people helping out with your event, be sure that … Read more

Wedding Catering Trends in 2014

Wedding Catering Trends in 2014 If you are the unconventional type and are looking for ways to make your special day 100% original, Jo’s Cakes and Catering has a few solutions for you. From ditching traditional wedding meal courses to adding your own bit of flare to the event, these catering options will allow you to have full creative control of your big day. Food Trucks Food trucks are currently all the rage! By scheduling and paying these trucks in advance, you’ll provide your wedding guests with a fun alternative to traditional wedding meals. Plus, with the mass amount of … Read more

3 Summer Catering Ideas that Will Excite Your Guests

3 Summer Catering Ideas that Will Excite Your Guests Whether you are hosting an outdoor graduation party, a gorgeous summer wedding, or a family reunion, your catering choices can make or break the event. When looking to create a spectacular menu for your event, use the summer season for inspiration! From drink options to mouth-watering desserts, your guests will be begging for more with these catering ideas. Cool Summertime Drinks With summer comes the scorching heat. Your guests will love being outside, but will ultimately become quite thirsty. Spice up your event and satisfy your guests by offering a quaint … Read more

The Adventures and Tribulations of a Busy Chef

The Adventures and Tribulations of a Busy Chef This is the story of a passionate, yet ridiculously busy, Chef in the far away land known as Middle Tennessee. The Chef, in her humble opinion, had the best job of all – providing delectable catering services and desserts to loyal customers throughout the land. Day in and day out the Chef would craft the most delicious masterpieces known to man. From an elegant wedding catering array to marvelous birthday cupcakes, the Chef could create anything! Word began to spread across the land of the Chef’s jaw-dropping catering options and talents. Soon, … Read more

3 Catering Considerations

3 Catering Considerations Are you hosting an event that requires a wonderful array of food? If so, you might be a little stressed out over the details. Don’t worry, that’s natural. Anyone planning a significant event, from a fundraiser to a wedding, can become anxious over ordering exactly enough food. Aside from offering quality catering service, Jo’s Cakes and Catering also has you covered with these three useful catering considerations for your next event. Know the Exact Number of People If you are hosting an event that requires a RSVP or response of some sort, urge your guests to follow … Read more

Wedding Trends: Cupcakes

Wedding Trends: Cupcakes Your wedding reception is a magical event. From the delectable cuisine to dancing the night away, your guests will enjoy your reception and talk about it for years to come. If you want to make your big event really stand out, be sure to have a dessert to remember. Everyone looks forward to the dessert portion of a reception. Your guests will be expecting a traditional tiered cake, but instead surprise them by serving the latest trend in weddings – cupcakes. From convenience to customization, cupcakes can provide your big day with a variety of benefits. Convenience … Read more

3 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Cake

3 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Cake Whether you’ve been fantasizing about your beautiful wedding cake for years or you’re just beginning to think about the process, your wedding cake is an integral part of your big day. Although Jo’s Cakes and Catering takes care of the baking and decorating, we know just how stressful selecting the absolutely perfect wedding cake can be. We’ve compiled a few useful tips for soon-to-be-brides and our customers about choosing the perfect wedding cake for you and your big day. Give Yourself Time to Plan Wedding planning tends to be a stressful activity … Read more